Capability Development

"Learning and capability development" surrounds all organisational activity aimed at:

Enhancing the performance of individuals and groups within the organisation by addressing gaps in skill set, competencies and knowledge.

Building the strategic talent capabilities of the organisation through a schematic focus on competence required to meet business objectives.

This typically includes audience assessment, learning strategy, content conceptualisation & development, learning curriculum, learning need analysis & evaluation, and learning culture.

Value Proposition

People Angle is all about entrepreneurial mindset & synergies in areas of interest. People Angle has a vision of setting up the culture of skill development or training schools in India, which would also focus on revolutionising the Human Resource industry by inducing unique & innovative approach in placing the skilled people. We want to bring a massive change in employment rate in India, the only way we can do it by skill enhancement.

How we operate

  • Building Relations with professionals
  • Setting up Training Institute
  • Social Awareness in underprivileged geographies.
  • Using niche methodologies to attract trainable resources.
  • Setting up Center Of Excellence.